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CPU Coolers

Fuma 3


Scythe unveils the new Fuma 3 with optimized aerodynamic design of higher fin density for enhanced heat dissipation and maximizes the cooling efficiency during operation.

Fuma 2 Rev.B


The Fuma 2 Rev.B is now upgraded with two new Kaze Flex II PWM fans, which ramp up to 1500 RPM, and the new mounting kit H.P.M.S. IV is compatible with LGA 1700 and AM5 motherboards.

Fuma 2


The Fuma 2 is designed with new concept and inspiration. Utilize Kaze Flex 120 fans with the Reverse Airflow concept, Fuma 2 offers up to 15% cooling performance than the previous version.

Mugen 5 Black Edition Rev.C


Based on the award winning Mugen 5 platform, the new black edition comes with Kaze Flex II 120 fans with 1500 rpm to achieve higher performance. Fully compatible with LGA1700 and AM5.

Mugen 5 Black Edition


Based on the award winning Mugen 5 platform, the black edition comes with a diamond engraved logo and matt black coating. A premium choice of excellent performance and superb quietness.

Mugen 5 Rev.C


The Mugen 5 Rev.C is optimal for high TDP PC users, now upgraded with a new Kaze Flex II fan that ramps up to 1500 rpm and full compatibility with Intel LGA1700 and AMD AM5 sockets.

Mugen 5 Rev.B


The revision B comes with a newly developed mounting system that offers compatibility with AMD’s new AM4 platform. Excellent RAM compatibility and top-tier cooling performance.

Mugen 5 S Rev.C


The Mugen 5 S Rev.C edition comes with the Wonder Snail 120 PWM fan for greater cooling performance and lesser noise and is equipped with the new mounting system H.P.M.S.-IV LGA1700B.

Mugen 5 ARGB (Black Top)


A revamp on the looks of the Mugen 5 cooler proven to perform well on a single-tower 120 mm CPU air cooler heatsink, this comes with an ARGB LED fan and a slick black anodized top-plate.

Mugen 5 ARGB Plus


The Mugen 5 ARGB Plus not only gets the maximum performance from its multiple awarded platform, but also inspires with an addressable RGB lighting, dual ARGB fan and a controller.

Ninja 5 Rev.B


A high performance top-tier cooler with massive heatsink and extreme silent operation that fits even with tall memory. The Ninja 5 Rev.B performs admirably and is one of the best cooler in the market.

Shuriken 2


With its compact dimensions and at a height of only 58 mm, the Shuriken 2 is ideally suited for small form factor like Mini-ITX systems. Despite its size, it has a remarkable cooling capacity.

Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B


Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B upgrade is now equipped with the latest Kaze Flex II Slim fan and full compatibility on Intel LGA1700 and AMD AM5. A great cooling solution for small form factor systems. 

Big Shuriken 3


Big Shuriken 3 is a great cooling solution for small form factor such as Mini-ITX or HTPC systems. It is built to deliver superb cooling performance at a height of only 69mm.

Big Shuriken 3 RGB


The Big Shuriken 3 RGB comes with the Kaze Flex 120 mm Slim RGB PWM fan, a translucent fan blade with controllable RGB LED lighting for effective ventilation and colorful appearance.

Kotetsu Mark II ARGB


Similar to its cousin Kotetsu Mark II but with a black top and an upgrade to the Kaze Flex 120 mm ARGB fan, the Kotestsu Mark II ARGB offers a convincing overall concept and appearance.

Kotetsu Mark II


Kotetsu Mark II cooler offers many improvements over its predecessor. Features include a height of only 154 mm, asymmetric heatsink design and an easy-to-install mounting system.

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