Kaizen Phoenix Technologies, Inc.

Fuma 2 Rev.B


Scythe High-End CPU Cooler Fuma 2 has been widely known for its stunning performance and quietness. Based on the award-winning twin tower design, the Fuma 2 Rev. B is now upgraded with two new Kaze Flex II PWM fans, which ramp up to 1500 RPM. For Intel 12th Gen CPU users, the fine-cut H.P.M.S IV mounting system is now ready for full LGA 1700 support.


Asymmetrical Design

Dual heatsinks with thick copper heat receiving base plate and high-precision base structure molded according to the shape of each heat pipe ensure that the CPU heat generation is absorbed. Standing only 154.5 mm in height, the Fuma 2 Rev. B fits most PC cases on the market. Equipped with two Kaze Flex II fans, thanks to the new fan frame design, the Kaze Flex II fans are even slimmer than its predecessor but also contribute better airflow volumes. Support from extremely quiet mode to high-level overclocking! 

Excellent RAM Compatibility

The classic asymmetrical design and slimmer Kaze Flex II fans allow maximum space for the memory slots (front bank), the cut-out fin improves memory compatibility allowing installation of high memory heatsink up to 55 mm.

Dual Fan Reverse Jet Flow

The two Kaze Flex II 120 fans (26 mm & 15 mm) rotates in opposite directions, counterclockwise front and clockwise middle. It boasts high levels of cooling performance due to reduced air flow turbulence and improved air volume and electrostatic pressure characteristics. A third fan can be mounted to maximize cooling performance. Additional fan brackets are included.


Scythe easy-to-install H.P.M.S. IV mounting system presents more optimal contact pressure to the latest CPUs on the market and provides full Intel LGA 1700 support.



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