Kaizen Phoenix Technologies, Inc.

Big Shuriken 3


Big Shuriken 3 is built to deliver superb cooling performance and excellent compatibility for small form factor systems (ITX, HTPC). The cooler uses a newly developed Kaze Flex slim fan that delivers great airflow and compact size. The wide-space heatsink jointed with 5 sintered heat pipes can transfer and ventilate the heat effectively, and offset design for better compatibility to memory and components on the motherboard.


Low-Profile Top Flow Design

Low-height low-profile design with only 69 mm tall and five 6 mm diameter heat pipes, Big Shuriken 3 should fit in even the tightest of cases. With a copper base and five high quality, nickel plated copper Heatpipes and a large cooling surface, it is built to deliver superb cooling performance and outstanding compatibility to ITX and HTPC systems.

Unrestricted RAM Compatibilty

The re-designed Big Shuriken 3 has significantly improve the compatibility by shifting the base-plate to the side in contrast to regular designs with centered base-plates. In order to avoid collisions with the I/O shields of motherboards, the entire cooling fin stack has been revamped. Thanks to this new asymmetrical heatsink design, Big Shuriken 3 is able to deliver unrestricted RAM compatibility and distinguishes itself as the perfect cooling solution for high-end HTPC and ITX systems.

Versatile Fan Mounting

With an additional longer mounting screw set included, the Big Shuriken 3 can be equipped with a thicker size fan (25 mm) to achieve better cooling performance and quieter operation as long as extra height space is available.


The new 3rd-generation Hyper Precision Mounting System (H.P.M.S. III) centers around a preassembled mounting bar with spring-loaded screws that guarantees perfect contact pressure. Together with an updated backplate and rubber / plastic spacers, the system offers a convenient and user-friendly installation process and is compatible to all current sockets including AM4 from AMD™ and LGA 2066 from Intel™.



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