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Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B


The upgraded Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B is built to deliver superb cooling performance and excellent compatibility for small form factor systems. It has become a default choice of mini-ITX PC builders on the market. The cooler uses a newly developed Kaze Flex II slim fan that delivers great airflow and compact size and is fully compatible with LGA1700 and AM5 motherboards. The wide-space heatsink jointed with 5 sintered heat pipes can transfer and ventilate the heat effectively, and offset design for better compatibility to memory and components on the motherboard.

LGA1200 and LGA1700


Cool Low-Profile Top Flow Design

Low-height low-profile design with only 69 mm tall and five 6 mm diameter heat pipes, One of the best low profile coolers on the PC market today, the Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B now comes with the new Kaze Flex II PWM fan with improved performance thanks to a new fan frame running at 1800 RPM and a slick black color fan design. The Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B is your best cooling solution for the small form factor system such as the Mini ITX or HTPC.

Clearance For Back I/O Port

Compact size design allows the Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B to be installed in any directions including reversely as the user wish. Thanks to this new asymmetrical heatsink design, Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B is able to deliver unrestricted RAM compatibility and distinguishes itself as the perfect cooling solution for high-end HTPC and ITX systems.

Versatile Fan Mounting

With an additional longer mounting screw set included, the Big Shuriken 3 Rev.B can be equipped with a thicker size fan (25 mm) to achieve better cooling performance and quieter operation as long as extra height space is available.


Scythe H.P.M.S. IV mounting system with spring-loaded screws not only makes the installation process considerably simple but also guarantees perfect contact pressure to the CPU. Made with top quality, the mounting kit give high reliability, straightforward installation, and is easy to use. Black finished is perfectly matched with system built.




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