Kaizen Phoenix Technologies, Inc.

About Us

Kaizen Phoenix Technologies, Inc. (registered and incorporated in Manila, Philippines) began its operation and business focusing on the specialization of PC gaming products and PC components distribution. KPTI aims to serve as the intermediary of various technology brands making them available in the PC industry by being an authorized distributor in the Philippines. Products that once Filipinos desire but unfortunately are only available outside the country will now be reachable and easily acquired either through our local partners/dealers or direct sell via online.

In the current evolution of the gaming industry, there is a convergence between computer components and high-end gaming products. KPTI believes the key to success is building a strong partnership with PC component dealers/resellers. It was born with passion and thirst in providing a whole new experience for its channel dealers who have that personal relationship with their loyal customers.

Kaizen Phoenix Technologies, Inc. is the  official authorized distributor of Scythe™ and Patriot™ brands in the Philippines. Rest assured that all of our products are guaranteed 100% authentic and fully-backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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