Kaizen Phoenix Technologies, Inc.

Signature Line DRAM

Signature Premium DDR5

The breakthrough choice for tech enthusiasts, elite overclockers, and system performance enhancement.

Signature Line DDR5

Designed to deliver an immense performance improvement for next generation Intel platforms.

PSP (1224X720)
Signature Line Premium DDR4

Meets and exceeds industry standards to offer users a hassle-free plug-and-play memory uprade!

PSD (1224X720)
Signature Line DDR4

Delivers exceptional quality, reliability and performance expected for today’s mainstream computer needs.

Viper Gaming High Performance Memory

Viper Elite II DDR4 Performance DRAM
Viper RGB DDR4 Performance DRAM
Viper Steel DDR4 Performance DRAM
Viper Steel RGB DDR4 Performance DRAM
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