Kaizen Phoenix Technologies, Inc.

Signature Premium DDR5 (w/ Heatshield)

Patriot’s Signature Premium DDR5 memory modules are designed to deliver an incredible surge of improved performances for next generation Intel platforms. Requiring only 1.1V of power, Patriot’s Signature Premium DDR5 modules consume less power and emit less heat despite the increased frequencies and capacities.

The Signature Premium DDR5 memory delivers the quality, reliability and performance expected for the next generation mainstream computer needs for better overall system responsiveness when using demanding applications. Exceeding industry standards, the Signature Premium DDR5 lineup delivers a hassle-free plug-and-play memory upgrade with a lifetime warranty.

Patriot’s Signature Premium DDR5 memory modules are the next advanced option for suited PC system build or upgrade for faster performance. The Signature Premium DDR5 RAM series is the breakthrough choice for tech enthusiasts, elite overclockers, and those looking to enhance their system’s performance. Offering a wide range of capacities and configurations allows users to enjoy smoother functionality from the latest Intel platforms for the best compatibility.

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