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Grand Tornado 120


Scythe unveils their first strongest material used for fans, Liquid Cyrstal Polymer (LCP) and coupled with metal bearing hub makes the Grand Tornado 120 fan outstanding in strength at extreme temperature. Equipped with an enhanced newly designed Sealed Precision FDB2 w/ NdFeB permanent magnet for excellent stability and extended life. 9-Swirled blade design for silent-optimized and top-tier performance. Reinforced fan frame, rubber pads for shock-absorbing, extremely stable operation.


LCP High Rigid Compound Plastic

Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP) exhibits a highly ordered structure in solid state, its outstanding strength at extreme temperatures, fan parts dimension and shape stability, perfectly matches the high-end high-speed fans.

Maximized Air Intake Surface

The thinnest part of the fan frame is 1.7 mm, the gap between blade and
frame is only 1.2 mm, performance is optimized with the largest effective airflow area for 12 cm fan (116 mm).

Sealed Precision FDB GEN 2

Newly designed Sealed Precision FDB with Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet base,greatly reduces the vibration of the fan blade, and has extremely stable operation at high speed with long life of MTTF 370,000 Hours.

Model Name :

Model No :

Fan Dimensions :

Noise Level :

Fan Speed :

Airflow :

Connector :

Static Pressure :

Accessory :

Bearing :

Rated Voltage :

Amperage :




120 x 120 x 26 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.02 inch

9.3 dBA ~ 36.63 dBA

9.3 dBA ~ 20.76 dBA (Down Speed Cable)

400±200 ~ 3000±10%

400±200 ~ 1800±10% (Down Speed Cable)

12.23 CFM – 97.82 CFM

12.23  CFM – 56.38 CFM (Down Speed Cable)


0.62 ~ 5.13 mmH²O / 6.08 ~ 50.31 Pa

0.62 ~ 2.32 mmH²O / 6.08 ~ 22.75 Pa (Down Speed Cable)

Screws x4, Rubber Pull Screws x4, 100 mm Down Speed Cable x1,

200 mm Extension Cable x1

Sealed Precision Fluid Dynamic Bearing Gen 2 (FDB2)



0.11A (Down Speed Cable)

370,000 hours (25°C /  77°F)

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